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Grapple Knife is Here!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Kylerox99, May 28, 2018.

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    May 18, 2018
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    What is Grapple Knife?
    First off, I'm glad you asked, you handsome person you. Second, Grapple Knife is our all-new minigame that's fast-paced and high-flying. In Grapple Knife, simply right-click to throw out your hook, and latch on to any ledge, roof, or block to be pulled out into the air. Ever wondered what it felt like to be Spiderman? Me too, but Grapple Knife is probably the closest you'll ever get. Seriously, it's that fluid. Flying through the sky on a hook is so much fun, you might even forget to fight the other players, kind of like how I haven't even mentioned the combat.

    Face off in four teams of four, for a total of 16 players. No friends? First off, I'm your friend now, you poor thing. Nevertheless, its also playable with as few as two players. Hit other players with your sword to immediately remove them from the round. Don't worry, you can still spectate. Just like the grappling itself, combat is fast and fluid. The last team with remaining players is victorious.

    What does it look like?
    LiTHiA offers three Grapple Knife maps. Screenshots of each are shown below.

    Classic- Nobody ever said vanilla wasn't sweet.This map is perfect for getting the hang of the grapple. Once you do, there's no stopping you. It might look familiar, as this is the original map from Blockland.
    Highrise- Really get your Spiderman on as you swing around a skyscraper. Use the hot air balloons to your advantage, and get the drop on someone from the massive crane.
    Big Top- The newest addition to the map pool, Big Top is a wild circus show, featuring a massive tent, trapeze beams, and lions(ocelots). Try to swing through the rings of fire, it's harder than it looks.
    Note: I actually had the pleasure of constructing Highrise and Big Top, so please share your feedback on these maps with me directly.

    How can I play?
    Grapple Knife and other great games on play.lithiamc.com. Once you're in, simply find the NPC labeled Grapple Knife. The game will automatically begin when two or more players join.

    I love it! How can I tell you?!
    Well, you just did. Thanks. Seriously though, Make a forum account to join the discussions online (it only takes about a minute), talk to a staff member in game, and check the announcements threads to keep updated. For now, let us know what
    Grapple Knife map you're having the most fun with in the poll below. We'd really appreciate it, as it helps us know what kind of content to add. And believe me, there is a lot of content coming very soon. So tell your friends, because you won't find Grapple Knife or anything like it on any other server. In the meantime, we'll see you on the server at play.lithiamc.com.

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    Love it!