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Hello everyone! The holiday season has reached LiTHiA!

With it, we've brought tons of cool updates, including 2 new games!

Splat Masters
We've brought the inky fun to Minecraft! Face off as green or purple in a battle to color the most blocks your color of ink! Use various unique weapons, such as Splattershot, or Splat Bombs to keep your enemies off your turf!
Our build team has been working hard to create an awesome map for this game, and we're proud to introduce the City map!


The incredibly popular SkyWars gamemode is also now a part of our game collection! Fight to be the last player standing!

Winter Lobbies
Get in the holiday spirit with our awesome new winter-themed lobbies! Frolic in the snow, or try out our new game-lobby parkour course which culminates with a "reindeer"!


New Cosmetics: Trails!
As you dance in the snow, enjoy cool particle effects that trail behind you! We've added 4 new trails to collect!


What's Next?
We still have more planned in the future! Look forward to the new year, since we have new builds in the works, new games, and even more awesome network features that will enhance your experience!

Major shout-out to our build team, without which these incredible builds would not be possible!
Hello everyone!

As the Christmas season approaches, we're working very hard behind the scenes to improve the LiTHiA Network! Often, however, our progress goes silently, and there aren't many opportunities to show the awesome projects we're working on. This post is our chance to change that! The purpose of this dev blog is to shine some light on the upcoming changes to the Network, and what you can expect for the future.

Backend Overhaul
The first, and largest, of the upcoming changes is a complete rewrite of the server backend. When the server was first created, I had created a basic communication system that allowed each of the servers to talk to each other, and to store your player statistics and coins. As the server has grown in features, the system for dealing with inter-server communication has been bogged down by old, crummy code that needs to be replaced. Over the past week I've been experimenting with creating a new backend system that is designed to be faster, more reliable, and easier to develop with. This opens up a world of possibilities for the future, including extensive player leaderboards and stat pages online, as well as a feature-rich admin panel for us power-hungry staff!

New Games
New games, you say? Indeed! Be on the lookout for 2-3 new games on the horizon! The games will all be team-vs-team, but will vary wildly in gameplay, meaning there's a game you're bound to love! As always, if you have a neat game suggestion, feel free to post it in our ideas discussion forums, and your game might make it onto the Network!

More network features are on the way! Among my list of possible new features are daily rewards, quests & challenges, cosmetic loot boxes, and ranks with awesome bonuses! Stay tuned!
What is Grapple Knife?
First off, I'm glad you asked, you handsome person you. Second, Grapple Knife is our all-new minigame that's fast-paced and high-flying. In Grapple Knife, simply right-click to throw out your hook, and latch on to any ledge, roof, or block to be pulled out into the air. Ever wondered what it felt like to be Spiderman? Me too, but Grapple Knife is probably the closest you'll ever get. Seriously, it's that fluid. Flying through the sky on a hook is so much fun, you might even forget to fight the other players, kind of like how I haven't even mentioned the combat.

Face off in four teams of four, for a total of 16 players. No friends? First off, I'm your friend now, you poor thing. Nevertheless, its also playable with as few as two players. Hit other players with your sword to immediately remove them from the round. Don't worry, you can still spectate. Just like the grappling itself, combat is fast and fluid. The last team with remaining players is victorious.

What does it look like?
LiTHiA offers three Grapple Knife maps. Screenshots of each are shown below.

Classic- Nobody ever said vanilla wasn't sweet.This map is perfect for getting the hang of the grapple. Once you do, there's no stopping you. It might look familiar, as this is the original map from Blockland.
Highrise- Really get your Spiderman on as you swing around a skyscraper. Use the hot air balloons to your advantage, and get the drop on someone from the massive crane.
Big Top- The newest addition to the map pool, Big Top is a wild circus show, featuring...
That's right! The LiTHiA Network has returned! After a short hiatus over the Winter and early Spring months, I am proud to announce that the network is fully operational once again!

The server features all pre-hiatus games, including Hunger Games, Wither Wars, and Infected, and we're also planning a new minigame to be released soon!

I can't tell you much yet about the new minigame, but I know it'll be a lot of fun! Has anyone played Blockland?
To kick off the new school year, the LiTHiA Network is going to be hosting a series of cool events every week! Be sure to invite friends to join in on the fun, and be ready to rack up TONS of coins!

The staff team is still working on finding a schedule that works for us, so stay tuned for the release of the times and dates for the events!

Event Schedule:
Saturday, September 9, 4:00 PM - Staff Game Party
For the last week or so, the LiTHiA Network has been migrating servers to provide a faster and more reliable experience for all users. Today I am proud to announce that that migration is almost ready to go live!

Switching servers has opened up many exciting opportunities for the server, including the creation of an awesome new web site, https://www.lithiamc.com, stocked with new forums, and the ability to connect the site with cool in-game data such as player stats, and more! (coming soon)

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the migration, including the reset of all player coins and ranks, and we hope that under the new infrastructure, a complete server reset will never have to occur again. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to post them in the feedback forum.
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