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Server Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'LiTHiA Rules (All Services)' started by EmeraldShift, Aug 26, 2017.

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    Aug 14, 2017
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    As a member of the LiTHiA Community, any guest [encompassing every member, staff, etc.] to any part of the LiTHiA Network is bound to the following agreement upon their first connection to a LiTHiA server, and will be held responsible for recognizing and abiding by the following:

    1. No Cheating
    A guest shall not, under any circumstances, attempt to use an unauthorized modified game client to access our server. Any modification to the Minecraft client, with the exception of approved visual mods such as Optifine and usage of GLSL shaders, will be viewed as a tool to produce an unfair advantage, will be punished as cheating, and will be punished as such.

    2. No Exploiting
    In the event that a bug, or unintended behavior, is discovered in one of my plugins, every guest with knowledge of the issue is to be held responsible for disclosing it responsibly through these forums. Any guest found discussing, leaking, exploiting, or otherwise using a glitch to their advantage will be in direct violation of our bug reporting policy, and will be punished appropriately.

    3. No Begging
    A guest should not ask a LiTHiA Staff member for ranks, items, a change in gamemode, the ability to fly, OP privileges, or any unnecessary asset to gameplay where not appropriate, and a LiTHiA Staff member should ignore such requests. Querying the status of a pending staff application may void the application.

    4. No Advertising
    A guest shall not, under any circumstances, advertise or otherwise promote a non-LiTHiA server. Doing so will result in a temporary ban with a length at the Staff's discretion.

    5. No Spamming
    Using messages in all caps is considered shouting, and is not allowed. Repeating messages, commands, or other 'distracting' actions will also result in a kick from the server.

    6. No Alt-Accounts
    A guest shall not access our servers using an alternate account to evade a ban, or otherwise. Doing so will result in an IP ban.

    7. Respect Everybody
    In no case shall a guest insult, mock, slander, criticize, abuse, or discriminate against another guest for any reason. Any action taken to ruin or harm a player's experience will not be tolerated.

    The interpretation, application, and modification of the above terms is at the sole discretion of the LiTHiA Staff. It is the guest's responsibility to maintain their behavior and to ensure that they are abiding by all the above regulations, which may change at any time, with or without notice.
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